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Terms of service

How we work

Content. All content presented on the www.coloradsky.com, store.coloradsky.com websites, any websites and web pages associated with Coloradsky Design, such as texts, names, images, layouts, as well as all email proofs, artworks, wholly and particularly are the intellectual property of Coloradsky Design, its founder, and it is protected by the Copyright Law of the United States. Any design provided by Coloradsky Design can not be used elsewhere without its written permission.

Service. Coloradsky Design provides the design service and manages the production process. Free design is a marketing feature, performed as a courtesy of Coloradsky Design. Design service starts with full 100% pre-payment for the job. Free design includes one design concept provided as a proof based on the clients info provided, and then the adequate amount of minor amendments, if needed.

Turnarounds. Design service and emails replies are usually provided within 24-48 hours. Turnaround time of production of each items is written on its description in its web page.

Payment. Coloradsky Design uses PayPal money account to accept money from PayPal accounts, Master Card, VISA, American Express, Discover cards and electronic checks. PayPal payments can be send directly to our PayPal address at design@coloradsky.com. If there is a different payment method prefered, the request can be emailed. There is also the payment authorisation form available here at store.coloradsky.com/pay.doc for downloading. So it can be filled it out and emailed it back to us.

Shipping. Free shipping is offered for the items marked with free shipping statement only as a marketing feature of Coloradsky Design and is performed by UPS Ground or UPS Standard within continental United States of America or Canada, and under the terms and conditions of UPS carrier. UPS doesn’t make delivery to P.O. Boxes. UPS requires your US address to be accurate and presented in US postal system. The prompt delivery address existence can be checked at www.usps.com/zip4. Shipping address for the order will be used as provided in the PayPal Invoice. If there is a different shipping address needed for the order, the request can be emailed. Additional services, such as expedited methods, other carriers, and deliveries to P.O. Boxes, military addresses, overseas or other countries can also be provided by requests and are subject to additional charge.

Taxes. Coloradsky Design company is based in Colorado State and all CO customers are subject to 2.9% sales tax.

Colors. Proof on the screen is how the item should look in life, but may not 100% match the actual printed colors due to the differences of RGB and CMYK color systems, printer specs, and your monitor settings. However, being experienced, we are always doing our best to be able to professionally predict the desired result.

Printing Proofs. Coloradsky Design isn't practicing in providing with free hard/soft copy proofs. The professional Epson Proofs up to 8.5" x 11" can be provided directly from the typography for $39 per piece (shipping included). It produces contract quality proofs on Epson Stylus Pro 9880 printers. The Epson 9880 uses 8 colors (Cyan, Vivid Mag, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Vivid Light Mag and Light Black) to achieve superior image quality. If there is a proof needed the request can be emailed. However, it is not guaranteed that Epson proofs will match the press sheet color and it is only recommended as an approximation.

Facilities. Coloradsky Design is dealing with proven vendors whose facilities are spread across the US and Canada for the costomers delivery convenience. Plants locations are: Glendale, CA; Moonachie, NJ; Dayton, OH; Chicago, IL; Toronto, ON; and others. The location of the facility also depends on the order complexity and equipment availability.

Reprints. Reprints will be performed to visually defected items. In order to issue the reprint, the the photo of the defect can be emailed to us as soon as the item is received.

Cancellations and Refunds. Coloradsky Design reserves the right to cancel any order at any time before its production. Orders that weren't sent to the production yet can be cancelled by request within 40 days only of the purchase date. Refunds can be issued within 40 days only to an order, proof on design wasn’t given on, and order wasn’t processed to the production yet. Proportion of the refund calculated on the design job already performed. Only Coloradsky Design reserves the right to issue a full refund to an order.

Artwork provision. Design is included in the final job, and Coloradsky Design stores all orginial artworks. If customer needs artwork in original format or its parts (such as logo) to use elsewhere, the request can emailed to us, and so estimate can be provided.